Jan 28, 2007

Stock Picks ... 28/01/07

Unitech buy CMP - target 550-560. SL 425. You can accumulate between CMP and 425.

ICICI BANK Buy -- Target 1020 + Accumulate between CMP and 870

People , keep a watch on DLF IPO announcement date. As soon as it is announced, some of the reality stocks (sobha developers, parsvnath developers, unitech, ansal API) might go up on the news of DLF benchmarking the reality stocks and industry in the markets, for some period. And then when you come near to the IPO date all these stocks will start coming down, as people will offload some holdings to make room for investing in DLF. So I would suggest, sell your partial holding in other reality/construction companies on the rise and then apply for DLF and then book partial profits on DLF listing. With that profit amount you can buy back your shares at almost that same price, which you sold at.

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