Dec 28, 2006

Sector Update -- Tea Sector

Tea sector was one of the hottest sector in the last market bull run. Many tea company are available at good price which can be added to our portfolio.

Stock Recommendation

Assam company ( 500024 ) -- Target -- 32
Mcleod Russell
harrison malay
Tata tea
Bombay Burmah

Sector News :

TEA Board of Kenya (TBK) has predicted that local tea output will decline by well over 7% this year as a spill over effect of the severe drought that hit parts of the country in first quarter of 2007. Kenya accounts only 9% of total tea production globally but it is the largest exporter of tea. The 7% short fall would mean decline in production from 294 mn Kg to 268 mn kg. India is largest producer of tea and the drought condition augurs well for Indian tea industry


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