Dec 3, 2006


Having made two overseas acquisitions in the last two years alone, the 7,000-cr Godrej group is making rapid strides these days. While the group is open to more strategic acquisitions abroad, it wants to concentrate on property and rural retailing businesses on the home turf. In an exclusive interview, Godrej group chairman Adi Godrej talks about their future roadmap.
plans include rapid growth, improved business processes, building strong brands and creating extraordinary employee and shareholder value. Currently our group is witnessing 25% sales growth per annum. Our FMCG and durable businesses are growing by 15-20%, but some like the property development business are growing at exceptionally high rates, say over 100%. Our oil palm and rural retailing businesses are also doing well. But out of these three, our property business will continue to get more attention as well as resources in the immediate future as we are very bullish on its prospects. We also need to concentrate on our rural retailing business.

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