Dec 4, 2006

Aftek Ltd.

*Best Bet* Company is trading extremely cheap and can easily shoot up by 50% in 6-9 months

Established in 1986, Aftek Ltd. (erstwhile known as Aftek Infosys Ltd.)is a technology-driven company offering Intellectual Property (IP)based products, solutions and services. It specializes in enterprisebusiness management with core competency in communication arena. It hasdeveloped and acquired a huge wealth in terms of IP and is reaping richdividends now. Its flagship software product called 'Powersafe' hasbeen well-accepted in the international market. Powersafe is agold-certified CA smart solution basically used in energy management asit integrates UPS networks with e-business management frameworks likeCA Unicenter, HP Openview etc. Its electronic ticketing machinescoupled with its 'Depot Manager' software fetched excellent responsefrom public and private road transport organization especially inEurope. Its Digital Home Gateway revolutionised the housing industry bycatering to security, safety, automation, entertainment, informationand communication. It also has user friendly solutions for industryautomation like material handling and access management and marketshi-tech products like Wireless gateway black box, VOIP-PSTN gatewaydevice and small applications like prescription writer, panel simulatoretc.

Thus this company is trading extremely cheap and caneasily shoot up by 50% in 6-9 months. Buying is strongly recommended atCMP.

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Anonymous said...

This Stock has lots of potential. But for a very long term.. may be greater than 1 year.
I think they are trying their hands at everything. Some times I they need to get focused.

- Vinay.