Nov 24, 2006


HIND ZINC , The most unpredictable script in the sensex is giving the most wild swings as compared to any other in the past 1 year after seeing the high of 1100+ in the past rally the script touched a low of 400 levels in the fall of may . the company has a monopoly in zinc sector in india & increases price on every alternate day has again give a strong breakout on charts and had reached almost 1000 in past week.

There was also a announcement from the government that they will diluate their remaining stake in the company via IPO.this is a great sign for the investors who are already holding this stock in their portfolio

Risky investors can invest in this stock looking at the LME ZINC which is at a all time high can expect some big news in coming week .

Buy @ cmp Strict stoploss - 895 T1 - 950 T2 - 975 +

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