Nov 30, 2006


Banco Products is one of the leading manufacturers of Gaskets, Radiators, Oil Coolers, and CJFS.CMP Rs 265.9

The company specializes in cylinder head gaskets. The cylinder head gaskets are produced in various design configurations, namely all metal, metal-layered, non-asbestos steel composite, asbestos steel composite, copper and graphite.
The rubber and rubber composite material divisions can deliver various special grade custom formulated materials. Test facilities for critical gaskets include dynamometers, sealability jigs, high temperature ovens, standards room and a fully equipped physical and chemical laboratory. Cylinder head gaskets play a very major role in any modern diesel or petrol / gasoline engine for reducing exhaust emissions, improving power output and fuel efficiency.
With increasing power outputs and shrinking engine weights, cylinder head design is becoming more complex.Banco is a leading supplier to OEM industry in India and has technical license agreements with leading western companies. It offer designs in carbon graphite, multi layer steel, metal elastomer and steel bonded with soft gasket facing materials.

A Good Pick for long term investors
Target -- 400+ ( 1 year hold)

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